Our Story

The road of life twists and turms and no two directions are ever the same.
Yet our lessons come from the journey not the destination
The !!Forty Red Bangles label represents a tale of four cities- Melbourne, Jodhpur, Mumbai and Singapore-and the discoveries and connections that led to its creation. Founded in 2010, the Forty Red Bangles label is the marriage of sustainability and design celebrating everyday life in extraordinary India. The name of the label is inspired by it's creator, Ramona's forty red wedding bangles. For an Indian bride, a mark of her newly-wed status is her forty red and white bangles, similar in concept to the wedding ring. For Ramona, they came to represent the connection between the past and the future; and all the joys and tribulations that finally led to a collection of ideas and experiences that evolved into a lifestyle label. The product line includes organic women's clothing and accessories, handcrafted jewellery, all-natural candles, up-cycled home-wares, organic kids wear and handmade toys.

With a background in community and economic development in Melbourne, Ramona's enthusiasm has taken her to the forefront of sustainable design, a field in which she has developed vast expertise. A powerhouse of creative concepts, she is inspired by the life and times of India and the cities of Melbourne, Jodhpur, Mumbai and now Singapore, each of which has redefined the word 'home' in its own unique way.

Forty Red Bangles is a socially conscious and ecologically responsible company. Each piece is handcrafted and personality-filled and pays homage to the earth; incorporating ecological elements into its design and construction. Forty Red Bangles also partners with Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) to produce one-of-a-kind items. This initiative enables such undiscovered talent to reach new markets whilst supporting the cause of sustainable community development.

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